A&I Products Auger Balancer

Equip your combine with replacement augers from A&I Products. A&I Products offers over 260 different combine auger part numbers for Case-IH, John Deere, Gleaner, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, and Challenger.

A&I utilizes precision roll formed Super-Edge flighting in 3/16” or heavier gauge material on most models. After welding, the augers are installed in the balancer and spun at 250 - 400 revolutions per minute (RPM) depending on the OE application. Augers are spun in three cycles with software identifying what adjustments may be needed to attain proper balance. When everything is complete and your customer needs one, they are sent out in rugged shipping tubes so that they can be put to use in the fields of North America..

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Case-IH Gleaner White/Oliver/Mpl Moline
Challenger John Deere  
Ford/New Holland Massey Ferguson  

Also available: Auger Unloading Tubes, Auger Troughs, Auger Elbows, Auger Unloading Collars



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Shop Chaffers & SievesChaffers & Sieves
Loewen Chatters & Sieves feature a number of improvements and innovations which provide durability, ease of adjustment and repairability. Frames and louvers are manufactured with galvanized material for rigidity and rust-free operation.

Chatters & Sieves are available in a complete range of original finger styles and air foil designs. Each option provides effective performance in certain crops and conditions. Which is the right one for you? The following are general guidelines to help narrow down the choices



Shop Feeder House ChainFeeder Chains
Loewen Feeder Chains are made from components that match original specifications and quality. Slats are bolted to the chain with 3/8" Grade 5 or Grade B hardware for easy replacement. Feeder Chains are made to original configurations with CA550 or heavy duty CA557 roller chain, with chrome pins on some models.

Also available: Raddle Chain, Feederhouse Rock Drums, Posifeed Rollers



Shop Cylinder BarsCylinder Bars
All Cylinder Bars are carefully inspected and sets are matched for equal weight distribution on the cylinder. Mounting hardware is included for each set of cylinder bars.

Also available: Rotor Rasp Bars, Threshing Rotor Bars, Impeller Wear Bars



Shop Transition ConesRotor Transition Cones
Rotor Transition Cones are made from Grade 1045 high carbon steel and are designed with only one welded seam for less wear points and longer life.





Shop AFX Rotor Front KitsAFX Rotor Front Kits
Loewen AFX Rotor Front Kits feature smooth and even feeding, provide more consistent material flow, reduce horse power requirements and increase capacity.



Shop ConcavesConcaves
All Loewen concaves are made to provide greater strength and durability. Cross bars are precision machined to a uniform height, providing an even edge for improved threshing and separating.

Also available: Concave Cover Plates, Concave Shock Kits


Shop Stalk Stryker™Stalk Stryker™
Loewen Mfg's Stalk Stryker™ levels corn stalks ahead of your combine. They force the corn stubble to the ground before it has a chance to puncture or cause wear to your tires or tracks.

Made from abrasion resistant steel, this 10" wide shoe assembly is designed to protect your tire/tracks from stalks and other field debris. The Stalk Stryker™ has 8 points of angle/height adjustment to meet your field demands. The shoe assembly has a single pin mounting system for quick and easy removal and can be fitted with a poly liner for better performance in muddy conditions. Stalk Styker™ can be mounted to Case-IH, Drago, Geringhoff, and John Deere corn heads

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Vane Transports
Air Conditioning Parts
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Cab Glass & Seals

Clutches & Pressure Plates
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Hydraulic Hoses
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