A&I Products Overview

Since 1980, A&I Products has become a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of aftermarket replacement parts for the agricultural, turf, and industrial equipment markets. A&I Products’ experience and expertise has greatly contributed to the company’s reputation as a top supplier of quality, reasonably priced parts. Founded with roots as a small machine shop and repair facility, the company made the transition by manufacturing new parts to replace those that were identified as commonly needing repair. Throughout the 1980s, the company quickly garnered a reputation for offering quality parts at a reasonable price.

That reputation continues today and has helped to build A&I Products to be the company it is now. Over the years, A&I Products has grown considerably. Moving from a modified quonset shop to a 7,800 square foot facility in 1987 was a significant step. That 7,800 square feet now attests for about 1% of the total space occupied by the company. The catalog at that time consisted of just a few pages. Now A&I Products offers over 160,000 different part numbers across numerous applications.

With over 750,000 total square feet of warehouse space, A&I Products is here to offer quality parts and products for power transmission products, tractors, combines, backhoes, lawn and garden equipment, skid steer loaders and much more - from antique to late model.

The Rock Valley, Iowa location is the central distribution hub and home to the company headquarters and main manufacturing facility. Since 2001, nearly 300,000 square feet of warehouse space has been added in Rock Valley alone. Along with these additions has been the installation of a conveyor system making parts stocking and retrieval a semi-automated process.

Since 2010, A&I Products has been teamed up with Sunbelt Outdoor Products to greatly expand the turf, forestry and outdoor products line-up available to our customers. A&I Products and Sunbelt Outdoor Products together now offer the most complete selection of aftermarket replacement power transmission, tractor, combine and turf parts under one roof.