Industrial Bushings & SheavesIndustrial V-Belt Sheaves
We know how important it is to get running, and stay running. That’s why A&I has brought our high quality standards to our new line of V-Belt Sheaves. If you are looking for OEM quality V-Belt Sheaves without the OEM price, A&I is your answer. Our V-Belt Sheaves are engineered to meet the most stringent industry specs. They are built with your needs in mind; high performance, long life, and low maintenance. Our V-Belt Sheaves are strategically stocked at key warehouses around the country to support your immediate needs.

Industrial Bushings
A&I is proud to introduce our new line of Bushings. Made from highly engineered 1045 steel, A&I once again brings the OEM quality you demand without the OEM price tag. Partner an A&I Belt, Sheave and Bushing together to offer a high performance, low cost solution that your customers will appreciate and depend on

Industrial Belts
If you are looking for classical, molded cogged, double “V”, banded, variable speed, wedge or metric V-belts we have you covered. A&I belts are made to meet or exceed all OEM and industry specs. So whether your needs call for a classical belt, or looking to reduce deflection by using a variable speed belt, you can rest assured that A&I belts will be there to perform to the max when you need them most.